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Supply Chain Management Solutions

TBTL designs and implements customized supply chain management solutions for her customers. The purpose of these solutions is to assist the customers in managing the movement of production materials or components from the suppliers to manufacturers, and the finished goods from the manufacturers to end-users, with an aim to optimizing the supply and distribution of these goods as efficiently as possible.

In order to provide a suitable logistics and supply chain solution for its customers, TBTL will first obtain from its customers their instructions, requirements and information relating to the suppliers and the types, quantities, specifications, the production schedules, delivery dates and locations of delivery of the production materials or components. Such instructions, requirements and information will be transmitted into TBTL’s automated information management system to plan the supply chain processes, so as to ensure the accurate and efficient flow of the production materials in the supply chain.

The production materials or components to be supplied may be imported from overseas or supplied by designated domestic suppliers. For parts supplied by designated domestic suppliers, TBTL will coordinate with the suppliers and the customers, and deliver them to the customers or to the warehouse of TBTL for classification, labeling, simple pre-production processing and/or storage. After receipt of these production materials or components, TBTL will test their description, quality and quantity to ensure that they meet the customer’s specifications. Then they will be delivered to the customers’ factories at specific time and specific quantity according to the production schedule of the customers; For production materials or components imported from overseas, TBTL will also assist her customers in handling customs clearance procedures.? For some commonly used production materials, such as resins, electronic production materials and steel materials, TBTL also offers material procurement services for her customers.

At the instructions of her customers, TBTL will also arrange for transportation of the finished products from the production lines to the ultimate destinations, or to TBTL’s warehouses and regional distribution centers for temporary storage. By implementing the logistics and supply chain solutions, the customers will be able to enjoy the economic benefits of having a shorter lead time for delivery and lower inventory level of the requisite production materials and components, and to ensure the flow of production materials, components and finished goods in accordance with their productions and sales requirements.

The processes of supply chain management are as follows:

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